6 Indian Startups Making A Huge Difference In Farming

Bangalore: We live in a land where majority of the rural and semi-urban population is hands down deep in agriculture and domestic farming from generations to count. But due to many reasons such as pollution, increase in natural calamities and lack of resources to sustain a healthy crop, there has been a visible decline in farming over the years. Farmers find it extremely difficult to sell their crops for a fair price and are often short of leading a comfortable livelihood.

In order to encourage farming for future generations and to make the current farmer’s life easy, many passionate Indian entrepreneurs who hold degrees from prestigious universities have quit their well-paying jobs in the city and have successfully set-up startups to uplift the dying agriculture sector. The following are some of the Startups that are not only mainstreaming Indian Farming but also transforming the lives of many farmers.

#6 Ubio Biotechnology Systems

Founded in: 2008

Founder: V.I Bishor

Concept: Diagnostic kit to cure common diseases occurring in animals.

This Kochi-based startup was founded by V.I Bishor, a former project lead at a South Korean Company and Faisal Siyavudeen, a trainee Mechanical Engineer to bring animal Diagnostics Technology to India. They got enough funds by angel investors to carry out research and analysis on common foot-and-mouth diseases occurring in most animals that prove to be fatal. In 2008, they launched a diagnostic kit at an affordable price that could detect these types of diseases in animals and avail early cure. This product costs about 50 to 150 which is one fourth the price of the imported product that costs about 250 to 500. So far, the company has sold over 100,000 kits.