5 Ways for Startups to Get Seed Funding in India

For 500 startups, Pankaj Jain is in India, based in Delhi.

For India Internet Fund, Anirudh Suri matters.

Seed Fund is an interesting option who does seed deals as their name implies, but yet to really hear it from entrepreneurs. Bharti Jacob matters here.

4. US Based Individual Angel Investors

If you don’t know a US angel investor personally then don’t worry. The distance alone makes most them unwilling to invest. This network you should tap only if you know the individual well. Some of them are Pradeesh Thomas, Raj Vemulapalli, Avi Kulkarni, Sukanta Ganguly, Nihal Mehta, Dwipal Desai and Arjun Dev Arora.

5. IT Services Company CEOs

These include CEOs of companies generating more than 10 crores in revenue. This person has been a 1st generation IT entrepreneur who has built a services company and has been running it for the last 5-10 years. They have the money, expertise, time and energy to mentor and fund new startup founders. There are only some of these folks, Mehdi Maghsoodnia is an example.