5 Ways for Startups to Get Seed Funding in India

For IAN, to hack the system you have to get a lead. In Bangalore, for example Naganand Doraswamy has to champion your deal, else things just don’t happen.

For Mumbai Angels, Anil Joshi matter. Rest will follow. Get him to champion your deal.

For Hyderabad Angels, Srini Koppolu matters. Shashi Reddy also does. Rest will follow.

For Harvard Angels, Ravi Gururaj should be tapped to lead.

For Innovation Angels, Shekhar Kirani, Palani Rajan and Rajesh Rai matter.

3. Seed Stage Institutional Investors

There are 7 that of these that matter. Nexus VP, Blume Ventures, 5 ideas, Angel Prime, 500 startups, India Internet Fund and Seed fund.

For Nexus, get help from Sandeep Singhal or Suvir Sujan if you are in Mumbai and Sameer Varma if you want to set up in Bangalore.

For Blume, Sanjay Nath is the key.

For 5 Ideas, Pearl Uppal and Guarav Kachru matter.

For Angel Prime, Sanjay Swamy, Bala Parthasarthy and Shripathi will make deals, but you have to be in Bangalore.