5 Ways for Startups to Get Seed Funding in India

The first step to hacking your seed round is identifying your investors and making a list. To make this easier, SiliconIndia has made a community for you to explore your options. The second step is to get introductions to them and talk about your company. The third step is to follow through, follow up and follow on.

There are 5 options for raising seed round in India, according to Mukund Mohan of Microsoft Accelerator:

1. Individual Influential Angels

There are over 250+ individual angel investors in India who are independent (not registered with Angel networks). Most of them rely on a lead investor and will typically follow than lead. Ravi Trivedi, Amit Patni, Sunil Goyal, Sanjay Nath and Ravi Kiran are some of the prime movers.

2. Angel Network Champions

There are 15 angel networks in India, but the 4 best ones are Indian Angel Network, Mumbai Angels, Hyderbad Angels and Harvard Angels. Innovation angels and Chennai angels are up coming but they have not done many deals yet.