5 Solid Reasons Why You Must 'Startup' In College

Bangalore: College time is undoubtedly the best time one can have in life. But the notion of calling it a ‘fun time’ is soon changing with many student entrepreneurs coming forward with extraordinary ideas and making college life a ‘serious stuff’.  Today, things have drastically changed and by the time college kids’ graduate they own startups or small to medium sized businesses. If you ever plan to live like an entrepreneur then you must consider starting up in college itself and here are 8 solid reasons to justify as to why one has to launch a startup during college days.

It’s all free

 Probably college might be the only place in the world where everything comes in free and in abundance. At college, there is no need for you to think about the expenses related to rent and maintenance. If you need to conduct meetings then there are libraries, auditoriums, empty class rooms and cafeteria.

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