5 Most Inspiring Indian Startup Stories

Bangalore: “An idea can change your life” and lives of thousands too. We might have heard about the inspiring stories of people who dared to step up  and transform lives. ‘Being human’ should be the base of our call. We have listed down few such Indians who truly inspired people with their accomplishments.

#5 Dabbawalas of Mumbai

Numerous Dabbawalas carrying lunch boxes is a common scene in Mumbai. They offer the food for the officers in the sub-urban areas by collecting lunch boxes from their houses and getting the empty boxes back again. The nearest word for Dabbawla in English would be "lunch box delivery man". Indian businesspersons are the main customers for the dabbawalas, increasingly affluent families employ them instead for lunch delivery to their school-aged children. The service provided usually consists of delivery of home-made food, or sometimes food ordered from a restaurant, but sometimes it can include cooking. Though this profession seems to be simple, it is actually a highly specialized service  operated in Mumbai  and it is is over a century old. Dabbawalas deliver and get back 2 million lunch boxes per day. They can go wrong only once in 6 million times!

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