5 Incredible Startup Lessons From The Indian Military

Bangalore: “Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons, “is one of the most epic quotes in military by Douglas MacArthur, an American general and field marshal. Though the quote has a satirical tone, the meaning of what military is well summarized in those lines. Life is never easy in the army as it demands a lot of patriotism, devotion, dedication, punctuality, discipline, respect, the feeling of selflessness and above all very strong determination to lead a team from the front. On similar lines, entrepreneurship also revolves around the above listed characteristics and an entrepreneur is ‘complete’ only if he meets all these parameters.

Like any soldier who is given the responsibility of safeguarding a country, an entrepreneur also has similar duties as he is bestowed with the responsibility of safeguarding his startup baby. Soldiers and entrepreneurs go through the similar hurdles before success and it is really fascinating to understand how similar a startup ecosystem and a battlefield is. Read on to know why we call entrepreneurs as unarmed soldiers.

No ‘I’, only ‘We’

The first and the foremost thing that one learns from the military is that it is not about any one particular individual instead it is about the entire unit. The unit generally consists of experts who are capable of multi tasking at a very quick pace. What really matters in a battle field is a team and not a person’s expertise in a particular area will go in vain without team planning.

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