5 'Hot And Naughty' Indian Startups To Unleash Your Wild Side

Bangalore: With monsoon arriving soon than expected, it is time for some real ‘hot’ stuff to warm up our minds and bodies. Sex, if it is something that people love to talk and express the most then why are sex products and toys still a taboo among Indians? With 10 percent of India online, Google searches for adult themed products are in the range of 20 lakh which has surprisingly been the root cause for the birth of few startups who wished to explore the ‘hot and naughty’ niche. So here we are today to discuss about startups dealing with the “Adult” sector in India and these startups might be the ‘playboy’ of tomorrow.


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So, if you are in a mood to spice up the night with your partner then Kaamastra.com is a must visit. From sexy lingerie to ambience accessories, this adult shopping website has a massive collection of pure adult stuff to cater most of your needs. The website is widely divided into various sections for easy access to products. It currently has listings under ‘The Nights’, ‘Bedroom Play’, ‘Massage and Bath’, ‘Naked Wear’ and ‘Lubricants’. The startup ensures discreet delivery of the purchased products by introducing the concept of ‘Black box’ and is also set to make a big announcement in the coming days about partnering with an international brand.

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