5 Indian Healthcare Startups Powering The Doctor - Patient Relationship

Bangalore: When it comes to healthcare and medicine, India has no doubt come a long way with its  innovations in various fields of medicine. But in this era, where time is literally money, people find it difficult to keep track on their health status. Whether it’s a simple follow-up check-up or a massive surgery, because of the limited time one has on their hands these days and not to mention the growing impatience towards keeping up with a doctor’s appointment or to follow a healthy diet; people are lagging from being the full beneficiaries of a healthy-lifestyle.

Even with all the next-generation medical innovations, what the heath care system lacks is a proper structure to handle the mass. There is a definite gap between the doctor-patient relationships due to lack of time and easy communication. Thus to bridge this unhealthy gap, we bring you the top 5 tech-savvy healthcare start-ups that are playing a major role in the overall structural reform of global health sector.