4 startups helping you make great Investor Decks

4 startups helping you make great Investor Decks

Having an innovative and experimental mind leads to produce some successful business ideas. To survive the business, it has to be pitched in the best possible way. We are witnessing several startups coming up providing such solutions to other budding and growing startups. It helps the startups by grooming them and prepare the best pitch deck to be presented to the investors. Pitch decks have become synonymous with startups and raising capital in recent years. If you are starting a new business of any type or are planning to pivot or grow an existing one, you need a pitch deck. Several startups are coming up with these solutions.

A pitch deck is an essential tool for communicating and planning and focusing at the early stages of all ventures. It goes in tandem with a great presentation when it comes to investors. A great deck will make all the difference in landing the funding your venture needs at every stage.  There are many misconceptions about pitch decks, what should be in them, how they are used, and also the best business templates sites to find them to get started. Such startups act as a guide to creating a great deck that fuels goals. A pitch deck is used to explain the business, it’s strengths, and the opportunity for those who get involved.

Here is the list of 4 startups providing pitching solutions to other startups:

1. Easy to pitch

Easy to Pitch is one of the fastest-growing and one-stop pitching solutions for start-up founders and entrepreneurs looking for raising capital. The company is primarily known for its excellence in the instant building of business plans, founder Grooming, and pitch decks to create powerful success stories. Founded by Priyanka Madnani and  Nikhil Parmar, Easy to pitch is based on the idea to make the ‘founders pitch ready’ and help them reduce the chances of being rejected.  The company offers a comprehensive range of services for making a strong pitch presentation including – building investment decks, and financial valuation along with grooming founders. It's the only organization that reviews the pitches with Zero Charge. It is planning to integrate automated tools and processes to make it easy for the founders to create their pitch presentations. From a strong presence in Gurgaon and Mumbai, it is looking to expand its footprints to tier II and tier III cities.

2. Pitchworx

PitchWorx is a graphic design agency that helps brands with compelling and persuasive designs. With more than 1 million person-hours, we have worked with more than 500 brands across various industries. Irrespective of whether you are pitching to investors, vying for clients, or promoting your brand in this increasingly competitive world; our creative agency ensures to deliver strong audience-oriented messaging. Be it a start-up investor pitch, a corporate presentation design, an animated explainer video for a new product/service launch, a live video shoot, a refreshed company website, or simple sales collaterals, we are happy to connect and discuss your next design project. Having worked with a diversified base of more than 500 brands, they design and build presentations, animated videos, live videos, web/mobile apps, brand material, and digital experiences. With their team of creative minds and digital expertise, we pay utmost attention to the details and nuances of projects as they unfold.


PlanThyBusiness.com is a business consulting firm for early-stage startups. They began operations a couple of years ago and have grown primarily due to excellent customer satisfaction. We have delivered more than 500 projects for startups across industry and geography. While there are a plethora of business plan writers, we pride ourselves to be a Business Consultant rather than dumb writers. We do not see Business Plan preparation as a content writing or number-crunching process but a Strategy Consulting engagement. It involves coming up with insights that were previously unknown to clients, questioning the past strategies, evaluating future strategic options, and a lot more. Their main focus is to maximize the client’s chances of fundraising and business success, provide the highest quality professional service and deliverable, maintain 100% customer satisfaction, remain affordable to clients without sacrificing quality, indirectly create jobs, and boost the economy by helping entrepreneurs succeed.

4. Broadcast to World

Founded in 2009, they strongly believe that they can connect people and build trust by telling great animated video stories that are true, and consistent with positive values that bond humanity. As storytellers, they strive to be more responsible and support great ideas that can  impact positively. Started as two people working out of a home office has grown into a full-fledged, global visual storytelling company. This is done by winning the clients’ trust and adding value, which has kept them coming back for more. Videos can help out with most business communication needs. It can help build awareness, create brand recall, build trust, and communicate efficiently. It can also help increase traffic, leads, and conversions. It can do all of it for the company. Providing such solutions they are helping businesses to grow and expand.