3D Experience Initiates to Strengthen Startup EcoSystem

3D Experience Initiates to Strengthen Startup EcoSystem

Dassault Systèmes today organized the 3DExperience Forum 2019 in Bangalore to explore the sustainable innovation with the theme ‘Industry Renaissance: Sustainable Innovation and Sustainable Business for a Sustainable World’. The event showcased ‘Create in India’ stories for large industrial manufacturers, SMEs and start-ups.

3D Experience Lab program was initiated in 2018. In just a year’s time, this program has gained the access for multidisciplinary mentoring, and strong network across academics and investors. It provides an opportunity to the young entrepreneurs via its platform to support their startups, with focus on Electric Vehicles (EVs), Life Science- personalized Healthcare, and CCT, which stands for 3D Printed Implants in Constructions, Cities and Territories.

Out of several applicants, the company picked top three applicants to present their projects during the event. The startups chosen for the event presentation were Log9Material under electric vehicles, BrainSight.AI under healthcare and Lucid under healthcare industry as well.

Log9Material was conceived in 2015, and found by Akshay Singhal and Karthik Hajela, both are IIT Roorkee alumnus. Log9 mainly works on two domains – filtration and energy. Graphene was the material chosen as it is superior quality compared with other material which is saturated when it comes to improvisation. They are into developing Aluminum Air Battery, and claims that these batteries can run the electric vehicles up to 1000 kms without the need of charging post which it need aluminum change. It is in the disc form which could be changed on the go.

BrainSight.AI was co-founded by Laina Emmanuel and Rimjhim Agrawal early this year, with the intension to assist the doctors and the patients in the diagnosis of mental disorders. Lack of awareness among the public and slow diagnostic process has led to the initiation of BrainSight. The company is said to generate the patients report based on their MRI reports of the patients, which are analyzed through AI and the 3D reports are generated for the Doctors’ diagnosis.

Lucid, a Nagpur based Med-tech startup, evolved in the collaboration of medical and engineering ideas. This company works on the facial reconstruction, with the PEEK material, a polymer and metal implant. They basically address the cancer patients and work only on the face and neck area. This is the first Indian company to provide facial reconstruction with PEEK material, which is radio resistant. Lucid was found by Dr. Nitin Bhola, Dr. Pranav Sapkal and Prashant Ray.

“The 3D Company’s Startup pitch selected two among the three Log9 Material and Lucid, and we would also support the BrainSight.AI. To get the next generation of products through these start ups with this initiative, 3D Experience is a network of international sectors. The Pune branch of 3D Experience would take care of the engineering side by providing them real time cross function collaborative environment. He adds, “This platform also removes difference between big companies and small companies, we provide mentorship on the product side, and open up our networks across various countries, basically they are the part of our ecosystem. Intension is to strengthen startup ecosystem” states Sudarshan Mogasale, CEO, 3D Program Lab.

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