3 'F' Rules for Every Indian Startup Entrepreneur

Bangalore: The trauma of passing ‘catch 22’ situations is more or less similar for startup entrepreneurs and investors. While an entrepreneur is answerable to his investor during the annual or quarterly report, an investor is in turn answerable to his funders who helped him raise funds. The Indian startup eco system survives the wrath of various political and economical hindrances because of its chained and supportive mannerism. ‘The new generation entrepreneurs’ are often seen coming out with immense commitment, passion, amazing ideas but low bank credits. To support these young industry rebels’ capitalists relentlessly try to raise large funding from bigger organizations.

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However, every entrepreneur must understand the fact that procuring funding doesn’t mean that a great goal has been accomplished. Trying out various options before pitching into an investor also displays the courageous bit of a bold entrepreneur. Sincere advices from most startup experts, journalists and mentors would involve the word ‘Bootstrapping’, which in a way is a little risky and unaffordable but is considered to be the best option. 

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