10 'Yummie'licious Food Trucks In Bangalore

BANGALORE: Back in the day, the sound of the ice cream truck would make every young heart jump for joy. But over the years, the thrill of ice cream has gradually declined as for brain freeze, the feeling isn’t the same as it once was (talk about the sever migraines). 

Now with one set of calories out of the way, a new replacement has taken control of the appetites of many a happy tummy. Whether the preference to traditional or food in the fast lane (to each his own) the culprit for the extra pounds remains the same and they are none other than Food Trucks. These mouth watering food vans are circulating the city and sure enough, making mouths drools and pant size broadened.  

Here are 10 Food Trucks that are taking Bangaloreans tummies for a joy ride, reports urbancocktail.

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