10 Most Powerful Indian Women Entrepreneurs

Bangalore: Corporate world has its own culture and system, and for a woman to achieve success or to climb the corporate ladder is not impossible but rather difficult. India has always been rich in every field - art, science, media and corporate and it has given birth to some of the most extra ordinary women ‘go getters’ especially in commerce.

Women are always been deprived of few things in our society but certainly there are many women entrepreneurs, being extremely successful and removing the ‘we can’t do’ label. These ladies play their roles perfect and throws out a smile that can teach all of us an encouraging and a confident lesson.


Indira Nooyi

Origin: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Age   : 56

Awards and Recognitions: Padma Bhushan, Forbes etc.

Indira Nooyi, an Indian born Tamil  American business executive is the current chairman and CFO of the second largest food and beverage business, PepsiCo. Her real strong attitude has helped the company garner $30 billion in couple of years. She has a Master degree in public management from the Yale University  and also a Master degree in Finance and Marketing from IIM, Kolkata. She has also been awarded the prestigious Padma Bhushan for her outstanding efforts in commerce and for truly being an inspiration for the nation.