India finish 4th at CWG 2022 with 22 Gold, end memorable campaign with 61 medals

India finish 4th at CWG 2022 with 22 Gold, end memorable campaign with 61 medals
India's 61 medals at Birmingham might seem well short of the 101 won in the Delhi Commonwealth Games in 2010 and their 22 gold medals below the 26 won at Gold Coast four years ago, but account for disciplines that were missing here, and this is actually India's best CWG performance.
Here's how that works out. The 101 medals in Delhi, included 30 from shooting, eight from archery, seven from Greco-Roman wrestling and four from tennis. None of these disciplines were part of the 2022 Games. Subtract those from the Delhi total and what we're left with is 52 medals, including 17 gold.
For a fair comparison, also take away the lawn bowls gold and silver from Birmingham, the cricket silver and the judo medals because cricket and judo were not part of the 2010 CWG and lawn bowls in 2010 did not have men's and women's fours, the events in which India won medals here. That reduces the 2022 tally to 55 medals and 21 gold, better on both counts than 2010.
A similar, apples to apples comparison with 2018 would mean excluding the shooting medals, which brings the tally from four years ago to 50, including 19 gold, again short of the total achieved this time.
Relative to 2010, India has lost some ground (only in terms of medals) in athletics and gymnastics, but has more than offset that through gains in badminton, table tennis, squash and to some extent weightlifting and hockey.
If we compare with 2018, the big gain is in athletics (8 versus 3) and one extra medal in hockey and in weightlifting, enough to offset a slight dip in boxing and TT.