Do We Really need Biopics on Sportspersons?


We all love sports figures, do we need biopics for sports Idols..? Conferring to that I must say, ‘Yes we need biopics for sports Idols’. India is a sports fascinated country. it is enthralled by sports personalities. While having a long look back, it is very clear that we worshiped some of the idols who gained victories for our country. So evidently we can plump that Movies and sports are one of the favorite dishes of the Indian audience. If we are seeing any news or title anywhere about a sports person, sometimes that will become a keen priority to know more about the particular topic and to follow. So the relevance of biopics in the category of sports idols was a proven aspect. We can clearly say that release of a sports movie gets immense pleasure to us, also every time it guarantees us a blockbuster hit.

In the past few years, several sports biopic movies came onto the floor with a good quality of making and soul-rich content. Every movie got a warm hearty welcome and inspired the young generation to a good range. After placing a stable position in the film category biopics fashioned a new genre combined. At first, this trend started with sports-oriented movies, the audience got curious enough to put effort to think about biopic movies in the sports category. Chak De India (2007) made an initial impact across the country motivated other filmmakers to brand sports-oriented movies and they got successful by rendering with good scripting and casting. The real-life stories of individual sports Idols jam-packed with inspirational drawls, rich with elements of determination, patience, hard work, dedication are narrating through these biopics which can influence the new generation to a good path.

By holding this viewpoint a series of biopic movies were released in past few years. Most of them are produced by Bollywood but other language movies are also in the listing. Movies such as Paan Singh Tomar (2012), Bhaag Milka Bhaag (2013), Mary Kom (2014), Dangal (2016), MS Dhoni The Untold Story (2016) pulled out a major amount of audience to become a fan of this genre.

While mentioning a few, Bhaag Milka Bhaag, the movie narrates the lifetime of Milkha Singh, an athlete, overwhelms many distressing hindrances to become a world champion, Olympian, and one of India's most iconic athletic personality made a first big impact in the biopic film category. By following this drift Mary Kom, Dhangal, MS Dhoni The Untold Story blossomed the hearts of the Indian audience by the inspirational stories of each of them. Mary Kom shares the life story of a girl who encounters a prominent coach in a boxing gym, bonds her boxing ambitions with him, and persuades him to teach her. Undeterred by her father's censure, she follows her passion. The movie revealed an inspirational plot for women across the country. Dhangal recites about Mahavir Singh Phogat, a prior wrestler, resolves to accomplish his dream of endearing a gold medal for his country by training his daughters for the Commonwealth Games heedless of prevailing social humiliations. While deliberating about these MS Dhoni The Untold Story attains more appreciations across the country, the movie describes former Indian cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, a boy from Ranchi, Jharkhand, who aims to play cricket for India. Yet he firstly efforts to gratify his father by working for the Indian Railways, finally chooses to pursue his dreams.

A south Indian movie named ‘Captain ‘is also credited with good acceptance by the viewers, It is a Malayalam movie which says about V P Sathyan, an Indian professional footballer, drives through several ups and downs in his career as he endeavors stiff to accomplish his desires. This movie encourages the determination of a sportsman, about how hard he has to work to get success. These films portray the sports personalities to an extension of planting them in viewer’s hearts as their role model.

The biopics are categorized in different genres according to their aspects towards the world trend such as Musicians, Scientists, Historical Leaders, Celebrities, Political leaders, Military officers, Freedom Fighters, etc... However, the trending biopic genre is sports personalities. Films based on the real-life stories of sports Idols have more demand compared with other genres. Where ever the demand-supply will be there following this, the past few years witnessed the increased number of sports iconic movies, yet most of them bags Box Office hits shows the acceptance of audience towards this genre. The audience is very much ready to accept and endorse these pictures because they are very inspirational and coveys motivational messages to society. Sports-related biopics bring awareness about Health, determination, and sportsmanship. The audience are always eager and acute towards the background, struggle, problem, and perceptions of Celebrities. In India, sports getting more prioritized comparing other genres, mostly teenagers and youth. Sports encourage nationalism, honesty, loyalty, and harmony.

Efficently skilled and trouper directors have explored sports biopics and have left an influence on the viewers with their inspirational stories. The audience is following the next projects related to the Sportsman category results the trending of Kapil Dev’s biopic’s trailer itself. Viewers also waiting for the biopic of the World’s fastest man Usain Bolt. The Indian viewers love to watch failure and accomplishment stories and revolving points of a sport Biopic. This will enlarge the craze of youngsters to enter Sports for the country. Nevertheless, we can reach one point for sure that Biopics of sports personalities is a trending genre in the Indian Film industry that shows the relevance of Sports Biopics.