Top 4 Athlete Endorsements: Biggest Brands of 'em All in 2019

1. Air Jordan (Michael Jordan – Basketball)

Kids nowadays can easily recognize the famous ‘Jumpman’ logo than the man behind it, Michael Jordan. Founded in 1984, Air Jordan was formed when the original Air Jordan sneakers were made especially for Michael.  The sneakers were designed by Peter Moore, Tinker Hatfield, and Bruce Kilgore and now Jordan brand sponsors 21 active NBA players, including Blake Griffin and Russell Westbrook. The partnership with the sporting brand Nike helped Michael carry his name and legacy to the fans even after retiring from the game. The luxurious Jordan brand has collection from shoes, clothing and accessories including bags, backpacks and caps. It is said that initially Jordan was not impressed with the ‘Air Jordan’ name and didn’t even like the look of the shoe. Interesting, uh! Imagine what would’ve happened if Michael didn’t sign with Nike!

Fact: He reportedly makes $100 million per year from Nike royalties

2. Roger Federer (Roger Federer – Tennis)

Roger Federer, who is nicknamed as ‘King Roger’, currently holds the record of winning 20 career men’s single Grand Slam Championships in tennis history. He won all his 20 grand slam titles wearing the ‘Swoosh’ logo. It was in 1994, Federer started his contract with Nike and a decade later, in 2006, the ‘RF’ caught the eyes of the world when Federer start wearing ‘RF’ in almost everything like shoes, t-shirts, and jackets. Federer was delighted with the logo as he found it interesting especially for the fans. Last year, Federer ended his contract with Nike and joined Japanese apparel brand, Uniqlo. Even though, the collaboration with Nike ended, the RF logo is still not with Roger as its trademark is licensed with Nike. Sooner or later, RF logo patent is gonna end up with Roger as it represents its initials. Gosh! That’s one huge mistake Nike took in the recent years. I guess! 

Fact: He made $86 million dollars from endorsements according to ‘Forbes Highest Paid Athletes List 2019’.