Top 4 Athlete Endorsements: Biggest Brands of 'em All in 2019

It’s raining money in sporting industry, as athletes earn more than most business executives out there. Being one of the industries in which people can collaborate despite the color, nationality, financial backgrounds and other factors, sports counts on talent and skill and it runs the show and can make you richer and richer.  Becoming a brand themselves, Sports stars have built their own brands to showcase the fans and the world of the handpicked collection. 

It all started when legendary basketball player Chuck Taylor signed the contract with the company Converse in 1932. Ever since then, fashion industry and sports found its lovely chemistry for business. Just like sporting adventures, some found their rhythm in succeeding while others had bad luck. There are athletes who got broke after returning from their illustrious career. Perhaps, building an own brand or collaborating with sporting brands can turn you into an entrepreneur afterwards. Read more to know about the sporting personalities who had a luxurious brand in their names.