Top Trends That Will Drive Food Industry in 2016

BENGALURU: As we welcome the New Year, all we expect better things  to happen and evil to wipe off. Every individual attempts for a change and so does every community, troop, team, market or industry. The hope is to better our lives.

Alike any other sector, the food and beverage industry also generates some new trends every year. If we have a look at 2015, this sector has witnessed the boom of food startups, the drive of technology in it and the emergence of Do-It Yourself (DIY) food.

What exactly can be the food trends that will dominate India in 2016?

Here are the expected alterations that will hit the food industry this year, reports Supriya Sharma of TNN.

Indian street food going global

Indian flavors have made their mark abroad long back and the dishes that were accepted whole heartedly were main courses like biriyani or tikkas. Now even our starters are becoming global. Chefs are in an attempt to invent new ways of customizing the dosas and samosas, so that it takes over the taste of burgers and sandwiches. Even sweets like ‘mango lassi’ or ‘mishit doi’ are becoming an intrinsic part of the Indian menu cards aboard.

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