Top Trends That Will Drive Food Industry in 2016


The versatile food crops of India have helped chefs to develop many  types of fresh salads. The difference is not only in the ingredients of the salad but also in the way it’s served. It’s clubbing the culinary taste and has given an appealing look to the salad on a plate. New devices are helping experts to give new shapes to the veggies. Spiral shapes are very much in trend in 2016, as it’s easy to consume and gives it a good appearance. Even fruits can be chopped spirally to make fresh salad. Thus, 2016 is the year of spiral salads taking over the usual circular one.

Super Bowls

Many eateries are introducing super bowls that contain a ready set of food to tuck in. They not only serve your hunger but are also composed by keeping the idea of balanced nutrition in mind. Super bowls make eating easy to decide and also a healthy intake. Groceries now have raw super bowls that you can bring home and cook  to make a healthy meal.

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