Top 5 Trending Restaurants In Bangalore This Week

Kobe Sizzlers

Location: Magrath Road

Cost for two: 1000

Often we crave for a specific  food and what is it’s a sizzler? Just make a step in at Kobe Sizzlers. They serve it fiery hot with sufficient quantity to make it big and sumptuous meal. To ease your continuous consumption of the steaming hot food items, sangria, drinks are available in a long list. Be wise to choose your combination for a delightful experience.


Location: Ulsoor

Cost For two: 750

There are many Maharashtrains, Orias and Bengalis in Bangalore. As a result the demand for sea food is high. Thus, Xian offers sea food in variety along with Chinese and Punjabi food. Peaceful, calm and quite, this restaurant is right opposite to the lake and can be your choice for a first date or for a family outing. Its wide spaces are a good option for small celebrations. So much in a week!!

Try these... till we get back next week with more for your big appetite.

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