Top 5 Trending Restaurants In Bangalore This Week

154 Breakfast Club

Location: Kormanagala

Cost for two: 500

Before getting ready to survive another day in the demanding city, a well prepared breakfast is a mandatory. The solution resides in Kormangala. It’s not like you can’t go in at other times of the day but if  you are craving for a satisfying breakfast this is the place. The set up is simple and nothing worth mentioning. What you need to know are Corn Florentine, Big Breakfast and Meat Your Maker. The restaurant is known for these platters. On your visit, do check what they have in store for you.

Windmills Craftworks

Location: Whitefield

Cost for two: 2500

A major portion of Bangaloreans spend a lot of time in Whitefield due to rapid growth of IT offices there. They can’t be devoid of good food and pleasure. So this can be a choice for them. While they relish their food, they can cheer over some drinks and at the same time hum with the calm music of this microbrewery. It truly redefines the experience you had while visiting any other brewery. Its different and stands out. Do check!

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