Some Lesser Known Trekking Destinations in South India

BENGALURU: Silence pierced by nature’s hymn, that feeling of calmness, the sensation of cold, pristine air brushing against skin and serene views can heal the scars delivered by today’s mechanical life. A nice trek can also be a healthy task as it demands quite some physical activity. The list of acclaimed trekking destinations is pretty long, but how about some destinations that don’t pop up too often during conversations. Such lesser known trekking destinations can be equally mesmerizing and given the fact that they lack much visitors, these destinations are in their most natural state. Here is a list compiled by HolidayIQ of some lesser known trekking destinations in South India to help you plan your next nature bonding trip.

1.    Donegal – Yedakumeri

 This trek destination also known as “Green Route” is a unique one; the trek involves a railway track throughout the stretch. The route begins at Donegal. This stretch of about 20 kilometers will take you through an evergreen forest with numerous streams and enchanting waterfalls. This route has a number of bridges, some of them around one kilometer long and 200 meters deep. One also has to pass through dark tunnels. Once at Yedakumeri one can take rest in the abandoned railway station. At least one night stay is recommended as the place has plenty to explore. While enjoying the water bodies en-route keep an eye out for leeches.

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