NAVI: The New Mini-Bike from Honda

BENGALURU: The highlight of the Auto Expo 2016 was the launch of the new mini-bike from Honda—Honda NAVI. NAVI, which seems to be a cross between scooter and bike, is priced at a very competitive 39,500 making it one of the most affordable bikes in the country and of course tends to open new market traction. Initially, Honda was working on a low cost commuter bike for the rural markets, but with the passage of time, Honda came up with the idea of a mini motorcycle, something totally new to the Indian two wheeler market. With this thing in mind Honda NAVI was brought together and unveiled at the Auto Expo 2016.

The design of the new NAVI borrows heavily from Honda’s Grom, the 125cc mini-bike the company sells abroad and is made essentially to cater to the Indian market. While the Grom is a proper motorcycle, with a four-speed gear box, the NAVI is more of a scooter, powered by Activa’s 110cc engine and the same CTV transmission. With a top speed of 81kmph, Honda’s NAVI is well suited for the Indian conditions.  To go with the tiny dimensions overall, NAVI has got a small 3.8-litre fuel tank, which should offer efficiency in the region of 50-55kmpl in the real world. Catering to the young generation, this hybrid of bike and scooter is sure to appeal to the young crowd.

The seating position in NAVI is more like a bike, with wheels in front as well as rear resembling that of a scooter. Just like Activa it comes with telescopic forks at the front, while a spring loaded hydraulic like suspension provides cushioning at the back. For safety and power retardation, Honda has employed drum brakes all around.

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