Mercedes-Benz Offers Indian Roads the Safest Car on the Planet, the Maybach S600 Guard

“At the bodyshell stage, protective components of special steel are integrated into the cavities between the body structure and the outer skin. Special aramide and PE components provide additional splinter protection. Intelligent overlapping systems at particularly critical points ensure comprehensive ballistic protection” reveal company officials. The S600 Guard also incorporates other latest trends of high-end armoured vehicles such as cabin exhaust system to flush out hazardous gasses with fresh air supply in event of gas attack and self-healing fuel tank. The car rolls on PAX run-flat tyres, which can keep the vehicle in motion for around 18 miles at limited speed, even in punctured state.

The S600 Guard also offers opaque roller blinds for rear seats, heated windscreen and side windows, easily operated panic alarm system, fire extinguisher system with automatic activation and hydraulic power for heavy side windows. Cosmetically the car satisfies the “discreet” parameter demanded by the category; resembling unarmoured S600. Coming to the comfort and luxury front, well it’s a Maybach, so don’t bother about that, after all that’s what Maybachs are meant to be- the pinnacle of luxury. Apart from the luxury already tailored by the maker, a wealthy customer can obviously get the luxury “bespoked”, say the choice of leather or even massaging seats.

All this high level of protection takes the weight of the car up to astounding 4.7 tonnes. The task of providing swift momentum to this weight is taken care by a 6.0-litre twin-turbo V12 petrol engine under the hood. Churning out a cool 830Nm of peak torque and 523BHP, the heart packs enough punch to put this beast across the 100km/h mark on the speedometer from a standstill under 7.9seconds. The top speed is however electronically restricted to 190km/h.

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