Mercedes-Benz Offers Indian Roads the Safest Car on the Planet, the Maybach S600 Guard

BENGALURU: Eyeing dominance in the rapidly growing competitive Indian luxury car market; German luxury car maker, Mercedes-Benz last year fielded its ultra-luxurious sub-brand “Mercedes-Maybach” in the country. With bolstering economy the Indian auto segment has witnessed a steep rise in demand for luxury armoured cars; various global heavyweights have poured in their bests to occupy a prime position in this demand curve. To announce its stand in this race Mercedes-Benz has launched the third Maybach lineup, the Maybach S600 Guard and that too within 15 days of its international debut.

The S600 Guard pegged at a whopping 10.50 crore (ex-showroom Delhi) is not only the costliest offering by the maker, but also the only armoured vehicle with VR10 level protection to pry on Indian roads, or any road on the planet (apart from military vehicles). “VR10” means the occupants will be safe from strengthened steel core bullet firings, RPGs, fire, high-caliber sniper rounds, and even 15 kilograms of TNT explosion as close as four meters. Explosives protection both from the sides as well as underneath, earn the S600 Guard ERV 2010 rating, despite the fact that the test criteria for determining this rating “are not in the public domain.” As one can expect the windshields and windows too are engineered to compliment the armoured body, they also come with inner polycarbonate coating adding to the splinter protection capability.

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