Media's Role in Creating Awareness on Health

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Media could play a leading role in creating awareness on the various health issue and this role can’t be disputed.  Hillary Clinton Secretary of State of the US has recently commented on AIDS and while speaking that the disease is incurable, she said efforts are to be made.  Many efforts are made on health-related issues and role of media have to be included also.   There are many health-related problems confronting our country and these include both communicable and chronic diseases.  Health department at the center and state play a leading role in the eradication of diseases, including international agencies and governments of other countries.

Media has been promoting health-related causes in a big way in helping government departments spreading awareness on various issues relating health and family welfare programs.  The MOHFW has various schemes and these are promoted in many private and government-owned media outlets.  RCH project is one such scheme and it uses communication specialists and media in promoting all across.

The bad aspects of cigarette smoking can be the highlight of a health campaign to be launched by PM Modi’s government and prevention alcoholism could also find highlight in media.  In Tamil Nadu many people are addicted to alcohol and the high light of a campaign could find high light in media.  Many domestic problems and violence come out of alcohol abuse as movies of Hollywood as Jack Lemmon’s Day of Wine and Rose highlight alcohol abuse in its portrayal of Jack Lemmon and similar movies are seen in Tamil cinema also.  Media could play a powerful in educating people on many food products or stuff having a bad effect on families as cigarette alcohol or foodstuffs substituting homemade food. 

Cigarette syndrome

When cigarette promotion was allowed there was little of talk or discussion or work-related problems or issues as terrorism was felt as the atmosphere was different among at least some communities.  But the dread of cigarettes and cancer-related diseases make us think what we have now is not too bad.  A cough related diseases and painful agony of cigarette were so much that now it is a better situation after all.   But it was that some seem to feel a different situation in generating more income or feeling of such a thing on account of the world giving up cigarette promotional activities as customers lose track of even names of cigarettes on account of the absence of seeing it in many places. 

Alcohol Ban

Alcohol if consumed on large scale can have disastrous consequences as we have in today’s society as men and women protest or advocate prohibition in Tamil Nadu.  No health problem can come to anyone if not in habit of consuming alcohol or even some connect former CM’s death to some such administrative decision of the old government.  This sort of situation prevails as Tamil Nadu or India there is strong sentiment against consuming alcohol at home or outside.  Even the PM of today Narendra Modi's government is not very encouraging such things as this and alcohol has an effect on health in long run media need to highlight salient aspects of this issue to the public to serve as a watchdog of the moral and physical health of society at large.

There is a need to develop a vaccine to prevent the incidence of cancers as vaccine need exists to prevent other diseases as a government of PM Modi should give importance to cancer prevention and cure as President Obama did during his tenure as President.  The kidney failure of FM Arun Jaitley is unfortunate but treatment exists to save him in India and other countries. 

Cancer research is to be given importance as there is a need to prevent the spread of disease or even incidence of disease to lead a balance-oriented life.  We should not become a threat to other human and nonhuman beings on earth in order to prevent the incidence of cancer as foreign bodies or particles could cause cancer also.  The need to have ambiance too and with other beings make cancer is still a disease that can have a solution as in case of other diseases.  Development needs to go along with the development of all humans economic social justice representation of all in governance and a reduction of dominance over other men or matters and a just order serving interests of all could help in finding a lasting solution to dreaded diseases as cancer.

Health education

Media can carry out health education on important diseases affecting people, educate how to avoid, more preventive measures, on a long run if it is done, will help people.  Health education is to be made available in media on a regular basis will help people to take precaution effectively.  Tips on cancer heart kidney diseases will go in a long run in helping people in avoiding such diseases on account of any bad habits of the old time.  Lung cancer comes to those who smoke as also to those who don’t and in such situation, health education may not be useful but such situations are few or not visible in a society.  There might be a combination of two or three risk factors could cause such a situation happening in countries as India or USA etc.

Work of government

The government of India, as well as state governments health departments, have been promoting health services among people for a long time as health services have been  benefitting people on the large measure.  The government led  by PM  Modi has been launching programs benefiting women  and others  generally as many national and local schemes benefiting people

The government of Tamil nadu has also been launching various schemes as J.Jayalaitha’s full body  check up or some such schemes are helpful.  Also, the incidence of  cancer has been high in the state of Tamil Nadu as Royapettah hospital has a separate building built recently for cancer check up and treatment. The rapid modernization and the success of bad versus good elements in Tamil Nadu and  also the assassination of poor people oriented PMs as Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi could be reasons for the rise in Cancer in India and Tamil Nadu particularly.  The rapid diffusion of education and western values as liberal family values also add to rise in cancer syndrome where family bonds are weaker.  Jairam Ramesh sees or feels acid rain could also come in India as in west or Japan as we seem to develop faster although there is no substitute for Dominant paradigm as rapid industrialization rapid education to cater to mass as even Indira Gandhi had EM Rogers as family planning advisor  according to Dr. David Dobkins a Professor of Radford University.  PMModi is good in building dams as on Narmada dam but need to avoid wrong modernization as it might cause cancer.   PM Modi’s drive on making facilities available to all and in empowering on  health for all need appreciation as well as CM EdapatiPalanisamy  has   launched many welfare schemes also.

The government of India need to develop total health care for all and  need to propagate  it in media to reach everyone, also use song and drama division to get message across as one should not  get terminally ill diseases as cancer or heart attacks etc. it should become a  rare that people get such diseases and it should be a rare one as rich and poor should live up to 75 or more years and  this should be for not  just a few but for all.

Many diseases like cancer or cardiac arrest do have prevention as cancer affects people who indulge in an extra ordinary life style of using resources and we need to dwell upon it.  Cancer is a dreaded disease and it is something that one should avoid it all cost as cancer is more in western nations when Compared to the east and it shows reasons for same.  We need to do all that is possible to save mankind from all possible dreaded diseases as cancer to take man forward in the new century.

One wants to be away from going to the hospital as one avoids sad aspects of life and want to have good ones and a life style of moderation keeps one away from cancer cardiac arrests etc.  A good healthy orientation of living and accepting all without claiming superiority will lead or take a person to new century as this part of the world is a peace-loving one. Living accepting and learning to be in tune with the majority of people of the world will solve half of the health problems and will take the man to new heights in a century of difference and delicacy.  All forms of worship will help all majority thinking will prevail as service to man is service to swami or god.   Education and money power are finite only and infinite is what majority wants feels or thinks or feel of oneness with mankind as avenues to such are few and far between. One should tread in such a path in his upbringings accepting all trying to do good In his way. Man can master destiny and health and if he deviates from the known path it is hell only for him and Not health.   In this process of socializing man media play a role in making him healthier happier and be one with all.

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