Knowing the Unknown: The Grumpy Cat

Internet Sensation Grumpy Cat No More

Ever wondered how cats influence a superhero like Iron Man?? Still no idea? Okay, let me help you with this. The character who plays Iron Man, Robert Downey Junior is a huge cat lover, and it is said that he lives in a windmill turned house with his cats. Just like Robert, several celebrities have openly declared their love for cats! James Franco, Taylor Swift, and Ed Sheeran are some of ‘em.

Even though, cats usually shy away from the spotlight, they are best known for their amazingly cute purr, paws, looks and more. Two days back, sad news took over the world, especially the Internet world. The internet sensation cat named ‘Grumpy Cat’ passed away at the age of seven. Its dour expressions paved the way for Internet users to create countless memes and the whole world mourned the Internet legend. Check out the mesmerizing facts you need to know about this cat.