India's 6 Most Mouth-Watering Street Foods

Bangalore: Every country is defined by its history, culture and society. However, along with all these aspects, an additional one that reflects the tradition of a country is food. India has a rich palate and its food shows the maximum variation just like its heritage. The street food in this country is often spicy and worth tasting. People of India and from abroad travel distances to tantalize their taste-buds with mouthful of Indian ‘zaika’, reports

Take a look at the street food that one should not miss while in India –

1. Vada Pav

Vada Pav or the Indian burger is one the most favorite fast foods of Indians, especially in Maharashtra where it originated. It is made of potato fritters and unsweetened bread and is famously known as batata vada in the state.  One of the roadside stalls in Mumbai that sell the best vada pav is Ashok Vada Pav which is supposedly the first makers of vada pav in Mumbai.

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