Indian Eateries Join World Project for a French Style Dinner

French ambassador to India Francois Richier said, "French restaurants have a high reputation and the cuisine is now in the world heritage list. It is something that is part of everyday life of France and through this festival we want to share that with many more around the world."

Richier was speaking at a curtain raiser dinner he hosted at his residence late last evening.

The ambassador said India with its 48 participating restaurants was ranked fourth globally after Italy, Japan and Brazil, and just ahead of the U.S.

The objective of the festival is to carry the message that "French cuisine is a living, diverse cuisine that moves with the times"  where chefs are encouraged to blend own culinary culture to that of France, rather than discounting it. It also lays emphasis on choosing fresh, seasonal and local produce.

"Across the world we have had chefs from different origin from the United States to Japan who decided to work in French cuisine and put their own magic and their own talent into it." Richier said.

Restaurants that are participating in the 'Good France' project were selected by a committee of international chefs who ensured the guidelines laid down by Ducasse are followed while preparing a menu representative of French gastronomy.

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Source: PTI