How to create a happy workplace

Professional environment and happy employees leads to higher productivity of the organization hence its important to create a happy working environment in order to achieve the desired goal.

Niharika Nigam, Business Development Director, Jumpin Heights lists some tips on how to create a happy workplace

Help employees to feel valued: The whole objective of HR activities is to make the employees feel valued and important to the organization's growth. There has been enough research done to prove its correlation with increased productivity. 

Create a positive atmosphere: A positive work environment is necessary for an organized way of working. Employees should enjoy their work and be flexible and comfortable with the working atmosphere. 

Get people involved: Ask employees for their ideas so that they have a sense of ownership with the company. At the end of the day, they are important stakeholders of the company- and they should feel a ‘part' of the team. Their opinion should matter. 

Delegation: Of course organizations need deadlines and goals. However, the employees should have the liberty to choose the process they use, to be more productive. Employees should be given liberty, to choose their own work methodology, which instills more confidence in them and makes them more responsible. 


 Incentivise: - It is very important to keep people within the organization motivated. Minor aspects like praising employees for their work, or for reaching the goal within timelines, is very important to enhance employee productivity. Celebrating success of the employees within the company boosts their morale and confidence. Sometimes, just having a personal chat with the employees, helps in motivating them to perform with increased vigor.

Accessibility: It is important for them to feel that they can come to HR or entrepreneur when required. The team spirit should be maintained and a sense of cohesion should be emphasized upon.

Myna Batavia, Founder at Green Carpet also have some inputs to share 

Reinforcement by motivation: Encouraging employees by rewarding and praising their work, can perpetuate their yearning to perform well and boost their self-confidence. It's not always about monetary incentives, but their effort and achievements, should be appreciated openly. 

Get employees' feedback and opinions: Seeking ideas and opinions from an employee, instills a sense of ownership in them. By including them in the company's decision making, makes them feel, that their opinions and contribution matters. They should always feel comfortable to share their feedback and opinion. 

Organising training workshops and fun activities: Training session for employees can inculcate more knowledge in them and make them a smart worker. The training workshops increase their thinking ability and boost their self-confidence. Holding fun activities can refresh and motivate employees to excel out further. Team building activities also enable them to connect with their fellow employees and improvise cross function amongst departments. 

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