Facial massage for skin rejuvenation

Facial massage for skin rejuvenation

There is nothing better than a healthy glowing. What people dont tell you is that make-up also looks better on healthy rejuvenated skin. A lot of focus is given to cleansing and moisturising, but face massage is equally important.

Massaging the face increases blood circulation and relaxes the skin, taking the stress and tiredness right out. Face massages can also help in collagen synthesis to ensure skin brightening and smoothening the fine lines. One should massage their face 2 to 3 times a week to get the desired results.

Rachit Gupta, Director, OxyGlow Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd. shares, "Facial skin is more delicate than the skin on the rest of the body and demands a lot of attention and care. Hectic lifestyles make the facial skin lose the sheen and natural glow. The solution for common problems like patchy skin tone, dullness, acne, scars or spots, premature ageing, etc is to include face massages with natural gels in one's routine. Gels are recommended especially as they suit varied skin types and do not harm the skin. They lightly moisturise and bring back the shine of the face. Just 5 minutes of care can give wonderful results not just in terms of a healthier skin but as a great stress buster."

What can a 5-minute massage do?

* By improving blood circulation gives a natural glow to the face

* Removes toxins by moving the lymphatic fluid

* Regular massages help in reducing fine lines and can keep wrinkles at bay

* Increases collagen production that helps in improving elasticity and preventing the skin from sagging, keeping it young

* Results in even and radiant skin tone, also help in reducing acne and scars

* Reduces stress not only in the muscles but also helps in relaxing mentally, leaving one's mood elevated

How to do it right?

* Wash your hands thoroughly

* Wash your face with water or a gentle face wash and pat dry

* Apply a natural face massage gel on the face

* Steam your face to help open up your pores

* Use your fingers to massage the skin with gentle pressure only. Massage in a circular motion. One can also use a roller

Things to keep in mind: Do not use a lot of pressure while massaging. Be careful and gentle around the eyes as the skin is very sensitive, use soft movement. Use slow and outward motion to massage your face. Move thoroughly and cover all areas from the forehead to the neck.

Choose natural gels for massage which contain aloe vera and/or herbs or mint or rose. Gels provide light moisturising and are not oily. They provide much-needed nourishment to the facial skin. They are versatile and suit dry skin types as much as oily skin. Most people have combination skin and are always concerned about which product to choose. In this case, one cannot go wrong with natural gels. Gels also help in healing and mending the skin due to their beneficial ingredients

Source: IANS