Makeup infused with skincare, a game-changer

Makeup infused with skincare, a game-changer

Skincare and makeup have always been perceived to be at odds. But new trends are now responding to the skincare enthusiasts demand for multi-functional makeup that doesnt strip the skin of moisture and leave it high and dry.

The pandemic was, among many things, a catalyst in making skincare a priority as people kept their makeup brushes aside and brushed up their DIY skincare skills instead. While high pigment and high pay-off continue to be on the checklist in makeup products, skincare actives are now non-negotiable as well.

Products that give maximum results with minimum effort make an important part of our daily life, which includes makeup and skincare. Being an either/or scenario is no longer an option in the post-lockdown era wherein holistic care and efficiency holds utmost importance in all aspects of our life.

The pandemic also caused screen time to soar as even the sternest social media fasters gave in to virtual everything; information was free-flowing on all platforms. Heightened digital reliance also gave birth to informed customers demanding transparency in everything, never shying away from doing extensive online research before making a purchase. And for the beauty industry, that included the ingredient list in their makeup products. In the process, the myths built up around the eclean beauty' movement that was ruling the rooster were brought down to the ground as people warmed up to science-backed, effective chemicals as opposed to DIY-like products that were far from meeting customer needs.

The skincare savant customers aren't unaware of the hydrating properties of Hyaluronic acid, they know their chemical exfoliators by name, and are increasingly comfortable trusting high powered chemicals. And if that was already normcore in skincare, makeup couldn't be expected to be far behind.

However, this is not to say that the beauty trends will trump the skincare needs of customers. They want to practice makeup as an art form and treat the face as the canvas remains, just that now people are acquainted with alternatives that don't leave that canvas sacrificed and susceptible to dehydration and breakouts. While the skincare revolution in makeup takes shape with time, there are two priorities that are being addressed with urgency- hydration and moisturisation.

Liquid lipsticks that leave the lips feeling scaly, dry, and chapped are being swapped for moisture-boosting ones loaded with rejuvenating actives and oils, foundations are being bolstered with peptides and more. But does this mean that skincare infused makeup can be a substitute to a well-planned skincare routine for respective skin types and its needs? Absolutely not. Skincare infused makeup is crafted to provide added nourishment and prevent your skin's moisture barrier from scarring, a hardworking moisturiser cannot be replaced from the skincare regime.

While the pandemic has definitely left its footprints on the beauty industry, it kept its ears to the ground to respond to the needs of the new-age, evolved consumers, forcing a paradigm shift in the industry that is driven towards the common goal of holistic care. Brands who took this time to listen and continue to do so will be in a position to not just follow suit of this shift, but also benefit from it.

Source: IANS