Destinations for pre-wedding shoot in India

Destinations for pre-wedding shoot in India
Pre-wedding photo sessions are now a must-do for every couple because they are ideal for capturing those joyful, eagerly awaited moments before you tie the knot and start your new journey. And even though the present-day unrest may have thwarted your desire to participate in an epic international picture shoot, we are here to assure you that all is not lost! India has a wide variety of magical pre-wedding photoshoot sites that will enchant you, whether it's the sight of snow-capped mountains or the azure waters that has your attention.
Panna Meena Ka Kund, Jaipur
There is no better spot than the vibrant city of Jaipur for a pre-wedding photo shoot location. The young pair will find it unusual to be in the historic stepwell complex of Panna Meena Ka Kund. Your pre-espousal photo shoot requires a splash of colour, which the complex's colourful backdrop provides.
Taj Mahal, Agra
The Taj Mahal is a top location for pre-wedding photography sessions because it represents love everywhere. What better location to create an eternal love than one of the seven wonders? For those who still believe in traditional romanticism, the Taj Mahal makes for the ideal pre-wedding photo location in India.
Kumarakom, Kerala
For pre-wedding photo shoots, Kumarakom in God's own land, Kerala, provides some of the most immaculate scenery. Your photographs of you and your significant other floating through Kumarakom's backwaters on a houseboat as the sun sets will be stunning eternally. Additionally, Kumarakom has a number of lake resorts where you can fire in the convenience of your own room.
Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
If you're considering a beach pre-wedding shoot but are sick of the typical crowds in Goa, we have the ideal substitute. Vishakhapatnam's stunning beaches and the seclusion make for a fantastic pre-marriage picture shoot. For young couples who favour fewer crowds over popular havens, Vishakhapatnam is a great alternative.
Rishikesh, Uttarakhand
One of the few locations in India that allow for intimacy in the great outdoors is Rishikesh. You won't find a pre-nuptial shoot like this anywhere else, with the mighty Ganges running by your side. Your pre-wedding shoot would be an unforgettable experience in Rishikesh, which is a photographer's utopia.
Gulmarg, Jammu, and Kashmir
There is no better spot for a pre-wedding photoshoot during the winter than the enchanting Gulmarg. There has never been a pre-marriage picture shoot with a more breathtaking Himalayan backdrop than the snow-capped Kashmir valley. One of the best locations in India for pre-wedding photos that are meant to be sweet is Gulmarg.
Source: IANS