Jk Tyre Launches 'Levitas Ultra' High-Performance Premium Car Tyres In Karnataka

Jk Tyre Launches 'Levitas Ultra' High-Performance Premium Car Tyres In Karnataka

Indian tyre major JK Tyre & Industries entered the fast-expanding luxury car segment with the launch of ‘Levitas Ultra’ range of tyres. The new range of ‘Levitas Ultra’ designed for premium cars was unveiled by Mr. Anuj Kathuria, President (India), JK Tyre & Industries Ltd in the city of Bengaluru, today.

With the luxury car market witnessing an uptick in demand and the market having grown by nearly 50%, JK Tyre with the entry of ‘Levitas Ultra’ is well poised to capitalize on this growth by timing it with the growing requirements in the market.

At the launch, Mr. Anuj Kathuria, President (India), JK Tyre & Industries Ltd. said, “We are excited to have entered the luxury car tyre market with Levitas Ultra and are keen to address our customers' emerging needs. The new tyres are designed and engineered with cutting-edge technology, keeping domestic road conditions and infrastructure in mind. The new Levitas Ultra tyres provide the best ride and handling, grip levels, noise reduction, and braking in its segment and are proof of our proficient team's dedication to provide supreme performance. Through increasing premiumisation of our product range, we have pushed boundaries of technology and our products have moved higher up the value chain for the changing aspirations of modern-day India.”

Perfected for Indian road conditions and climate, the Levitas Ultra range is offered in seven sizes, ranging from 225/55 R16 to 245/45 R18 for premium cars which will help further establish the brand. Further, JK Tyre plans to enlarge its portfolio of ‘Levitas Ultra’ by introducing it in 19 to 22-inch tyre range, to cover the entire gamut of luxury cars. In its constant endeavour to enhance the sustainability quotient and offer state-of-the-art products to the Indian customers, the Levitas Ultra has been rated 5 Star for fuel savings.


Designed and developed exclusively for the luxury car segment, Levitas Ultra boasts exceptional technological attributes. The new Levitas Ultra excels in best-in-class ride & handling and superior competency in the most demanding driving conditions. The new range boasts of shortest braking distances in dry and wet conditions offering enhanced safety. A great driving response is assured with Levitas Ultra’s handling characteristics, keeping lateral control and grip in the optimum range. Adaptive contour and a special noise cancelling pattern ensure the lowest in-cabin noise and a relaxed ride. These UHP tyres are formulated with high-grade MFX Polymer, which ensures exceptional durability for Indian roads and stability during hard cornering. Super optimized Tread Pitch sequence provides a smooth commute at a range of speeds, even in wet conditions. The robust layers with considerable thickness offer excellent resistance to perforations.


Indian road conditions and climatic configurations require a potent set of tyres for smooth driving, comfortable ride and safety, especially as speeds rise. JK Tyre’s decades of experience in understanding the evolving needs of local customers assisted in extensive testing and perfecting Levitas Ultra for Indian conditions. These premium tyres were optimized and adapted with its core DNA of ‘Ultra High Performance' through user trials and broad testing in the most demanding conditions and terrains, both in India and Europe, securing superior competency in the most demanding driving conditions.


Levitas Ultra range of tyres will be available across key cities from 1st April 2023.

Source: Press Release