Celebrating Onam: 7 Restaurants Serving the Most Delicious Food


BANGALORE: The state of Kerala celebrates Onam every year in the Malayalam month of chingam. The rice harvest festival, Onam is celebrated with several cultural elements such as Vallam Kali, Pulikali, Pookkalam, Onathappan, Thumbi Thullal, Onavillu, Kazhchakkula, Onapottan and Atthachamayam.

It is also celebrated in the memory of asura king Mahabali’s annual visit from the Pathala (underworld). The festival is known for the Kerala food platter consisting of more than 20 dishes served in a banana leaf. Thus on this Onam let us look at seven such restaurants all over the country which provides delicious ‘Onasadhya’ so that no one misses the fun of a grand lunch as compiled by NDTV food. 

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