Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 vs KTM RC 200: Who Wins the Race

BANGALORE: Earlier this week, the Indian automobile leader Bajaj launched their flagship motor bike Pulsar RS 200. The Indian buyers are well impressed with its look and the specs on the paper. In the automobile world, automakers race their latest build against the rival vehicle. From the buyer’s point of view, we want to purchase a best performer, reports IBTimes.

We are aware of KTM bikes are the best budget sports bike India has seen. The latest motor bike from KTM garage is the RC 390 and RC 200. Since the Bajaj RS 200 is a 200cc bike, we can compare it with KTM RC 200 which will are the rivals. This article will help buyers to make an informed decision about buying between the option of KTM RC 200 and Bajaj RS 200.


The KTM RC 200’s style has the prime intention of exerting the best performance and every aspect of the bike is perfectly designed for speed. The RC 200 sports a low front seating and low handle bar that contributes for a comfortable ride. The new dual headlamps with sharp lines and telescopic forks in the front, at the rear with mono-shock swing arm alloy add up the sporty look on the wheels. The two-wheeler features dual-tone color and the 17-inch alloys enhance the road grip to a great extent.

In the rival Pulsar RS 200, Bajaj have opted a completely fresh looks for the bike and the color combination of two shades gives edgier look than ever. The well proportioned seating arrangement and slightly raised handle bars give way for comfortable ride. However, Pulsar RS 200 has the newly sketched style but the KTM wins this segment with its unique engineered marvel.

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