Amazing Health benefits Of Dehydrated Food That You Should Know

Dehydrating is the oldest form of food preservation as it saves space and cost. In addition, the dehydrated food preserves its nutrition value as well as delicious taste.

Food dehydrator serves a great purpose if you include it as a kitchen appliance at home. It can be used to make tasty treats as a replacement for store-bought snacks.

Most healthy foods are not available all year-round so preserving them by dehydrating is a wise choice. Some of the dehydrated fruits have a higher concentration of antioxidants compared to their fresh form. There are many good dehydrator are available in the market you can choose one of them.

Let's look at the health benefits of dehydrated food

Health Benefits Of Dehydrating Food

The modern dehydrator produces the same food with about 75 percent of its moisture removed. You have to store the dried food in airtight jars and containers in a cool and dry place like a pantry or cupboard.

Is it good to eat dehydrated food?

Yes, dehydrated food retains almost all the nutritional content of the food along with the alkalinity, it also prevents the growth of bacteria.

When you use a dehydrator at home, you can know the quality of the fresh vegetables and fruits purchased by you, create concentrated, rich and delicious food.

Sulphur dioxide is sometimes added to the dry fruits you buy from a store. But there are no added preservatives if you make your own dried fruits, at home.

Is dehydrated food nutritious?

In case of vegetables, almost no Vitamin C is lost in dehydration, and all Vitamin A and Beta Carotene in plant foods are retained. Such minerals as selenium, potassium and magnesium are preserved.

Dried fruit consumption increases your fibre intake and supplies a lot of antioxidants to your body. It is taken in small amounts as the dehydrated fruit is high in calories.

How long can you keep dehydrated food?

Fruits such as dried apricots, prunes and raisins can be stored in the pantry for six months.

Dehydrated mixed vegetables are a medley of dehydrated carrots, onions, tomatoes, peas, celery, green bell peppers, green beans, and parsley They have a stable shelf life of 8 to 10 months if well stored.

Keep the dehydrated meat unrefrigerated in a cool dry place for not more than two weeks, after which you can store in a refrigerator up to a year.

Why is dehydrated food good for you?

Dehydrated food is a healthy alternative to junk food while travelling, camping or hiking. It serves as a quick snack or a whole meal as well.

Is it raw or cooked?

When food is dried at a lower temperature range, between 35 to 70 degrees Celsius, it is considered raw food, because it preserves the natural enzymes and nutrients. Meats are usually dehydrated at a higher temperature.

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