Mercedes Unveils its New Maybach S600 Pullman Guard with State-of-the-Art Armor Upgrade

BENGALURU: Continuing the trend of manufacturing some of the world’s most elegant limos, Mercedes introduces the new ‘Maybach S600 Pullman Guard’ integrated with an exceptional level of protection. Delivering top-class VR9 (Vehicle Resistance) bullet resistance and directive ERV 2010 (Explosive Resistant Vehicle) ratings, the new Pullman is specifically designed to protect the VIPs in all aspects. The company will effectively start delivering its modern marvel from the latter half of 2017.

With an effort to stage an extremely comfortable environment for VIPs, the heavily armored doors are integrated with motor mechanism that triggers automatic opening and closing. A considerably higher roof is also provided for entering the vehicle. Portraying a classic appearance in its own way, the car is designed with a long wheelbase. Adding extra protection to its cabin, the new S600 Pullman Guard sports the same interior dimensions adopted from its predecessor version. Focusing on the mechanical aspects, the 21 feet long giant machine houses a 6 liter twin-turbo V12 engine offering 523 hp. Although the car is designed to deliver a limited top speed of 99 mph, it can withstand some extremely devastating blows on the move.

Apart from the unprecedented level of protection, the S600 Pullman Guard also comes with a range of mind-blowing luxury attributes. The passenger cabin includes an adjustable and comfortable VIP recliner seats. Considering the top-notch features, Mercedes has made the new Pullman available at prices starting from $1.6 million (around 10.86 crores). The offered price stands almost triple when compared to the non-armored version of Pullman. Furthermore, the company will also offer additional options such as flashers, an external communication system and sirens.

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