8 Midnight Food Delivery Services in India

Midnight Xprs, Delhi

Initiated by a student of North Campus of Delhi University, this one is aimed to serve cost friendly food mainly keeping the students of Delhi in count. The basic food list contains options of spring rolls, bhurjis, biryanis, curries and a variety of paranthas. You can accessorize the food with some Chips, chocolates or paan. Also, keeping the sudden plans that today’s gen Y, their service includes delivery of cakes, flower bouquets, recharge vouchers and so on. In this special order segment, they added a toast by keeping choice of hookah. Does not make the next birthday plan easy?

Batman Delivers, Gurgaon

Batman Delivers facilitates a scrumptious menu of kebabs, rolls, biryani in the main course. Desserts start with munchies like Kitkat, Oreo and extend upto Gulab Jamuns. They also have shakes and juices in the beverage menu. Keeping the lifestyle of Guragaon in hand, it often happens that due to public insecurity or unavailability of transport people cannot walk out of home for basic necessities at night. Thus basics like toothpaste, condoms, cigarettes, and basic medicines are also included in the menu. Their service span starts at 9PM at night and ends at 5AM.

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