8 Midnight Food Delivery Services in India

Mad Bites, Mumbai

This one offers an exotic menu to the people of Mumbai with salads, pizzas, burgers and other ready-to-eat meals throughout the day. Their service is 24X7 and is therefore available at night. An innovation in their business is, delivery boys dial your number on reaching. Hence, other member in the house, your parents or roommate does not even know the food porn in you is aroused at the middle of the night.

Fly By Knight, Mumbai

Alike all other midnight delivery services munchies, meals, chocolates and brownies are in the menu. A basic necessity that they have added and it turned a positive for the business is supply of packaged water in the beverage list. Unavailability of drinking water especially if you are new in the city or you forgot to order after office is a common issue. Ex-Google employee and the entrepreneur Neha Jain thus kept this water option in the service. Neha and her business partner Jude De Souza also have plans to expand the business to Bengaluru and offer medicines as well.

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