7 Cars Coming This Diwali

Bangalore: With the festive season round the corner, there can never be a better time to buy cars. Car manufacturers are also gearing up to make the most out of this season and are coming up with some of the hottest launches of this year.

Check out these cars that are coming up this diwali and start planning your festival shopping list:

7. Honda Brio AT

The automatic cars were not received very warmly a few years ago but with the changing times the perception of the consumers is also shifting. The changer customer preferences and long commutes are giving way to small automatic cars for the convenience they provide. With Maruti and Hyundai riding high in this division, Honda too has jumped into the pool with its latest Brio AT.

The new Brio At will have a five-speed automatic torque converter. The gearbox is similar to that used in City and will make Brio long commutes and traffic less painful. Though these changes in the new model will drop its efficiency by 2Kmpl and also the price will be increased by 60, 000 from its original price range of 4.05-5.23 lakhs.

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