Car of the Week: Mercedes B Class

Bangalore: Mercedes-Benz has taken its largest bet in India with the launch of its B-Class premium hatchback. It has launched the B 180 base petrol for the Sport model, making it the most inexpensive Mercedes so far. Initially, the B 180 is available with a petrol engine but the diesel engine model is expected to be launched next year. The B 180 talks of quality, both inside and out, and the driving dynamics are impressive too.


The engine in the B 180 is from an all-new engine family (engine code: M270). It's an all-aluminum 1.6-litre turbocharged, direct-injection petrol engine that is seated transversely over the front axle. The direct-injection system runs a pressure of 200 bar and utilizes piezo injectors that handle up to five injections per cycle. The engine weighs only 137kg.

To receive best results from the engine, you need to switch Eco mode off, put the transmission in manual mode and use the well-finished paddles behind the steering wheel. It can hit t 100kph in 10.2 sec and can go on to a top speed of 192kph and makes a modest 121 bhp. The highest torque of 20.39kgm kicks in at 1250rpm, but the real grunt is when the engine is turning closer to 3000rpm. The B 180 is a pretty good cruiser.

Fuel Economy

The B 180's stop-start function and Eco mode helps its fuel economy. It records for a decent mileage of 9.5kpl in city, with about 14.2kpl on the highway.

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