18 Worst Cars of All Times

Bangalore: Cars are known to be the first love of a ‘real’ man. But what happens when this love defy your expectations? Here is a list of 25 such cars that broke the hearts of the people who were eagerly waiting for them:

18. Cadillac Seville

Year: 1975

Manufacturer: General Motors

GM marketed Cadillac Seville as ‘a car that has no negatives’ but the car failed to impress the people who were disappointed of the stale features that the car had to offer. For this reason, the car failed to win many fans and came out as a disappointment.

17. Ford Taurus

Year: 1996

Manufacturer: Ford Motor Company

The earlier models under the same name were shipped as early as 1985 and were doing fairly well until the company decided to bring out its third generation in the market. Most of the people tagged Taurus as a ‘style and performance’ setback.

16. Cadillac Allante

Year: 1987

Manufacturer: Cadillac

The Allante was Cadillac’s first venture into the ultra-luxury segment and was launched to compete with the Mercedes. Cadillac had planned selling nearly 6000 units per year but such was the fate of Allante that Cadillac could manufacture only half as many in six years.

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