6 Cars that Stole the Show at CES 2016

BANGALORE: The first expo of the New Year is the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and oh boy! It’s getting bigger and bigger day by day. If one has thought that CES is only about gadget and technology you’re wrong because CES also houses cars which are at the moment stealing the show.

From all-electric vehicles to self-driving cars, automakers like Faraday Future, Rinspeed, Volkswagen and many more are making a big push to show off their latest innovations and here are some of them that caught our eyes, reports TechInsider. 

Faraday Future FFZERO1

The main highlight of 2016’s CES is the electric concept car that directly takes on Tesla motors’ electric sports cars. Faraday Future’s FFZERO1 – the concept car is a beast built for the future, as the company explains – FFZERO1’s electric motor exerts a whooping 1,000Bhp of power. Much like the old Maclaren P1, this car also accommodates just one person in it and again fast like P1.

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