6 Bike Builders Leading the Custom-Bike Trend in India

BENGALURU: What a custom-bike can offer, no high end production bike from any major manufacturer can. The pride when people hopelessly stare at you riding a custom-bike, scratching their heads trying to figure what the hell on earth is that machine is simply out of this world; you’d have to actually ride one to get a dose of that superiority. Off lately the desire to own an exclusive set of wheels, a bike without any or only a few couple of identical twins is slowly but steadily sweeping the Indian biker hearts. A custom bike is an exact reflection of one’s personality and attitude. Still nascent, custom-bike building has been embraced by only a handful of Indians. Presented below are six Indian custom-bike builders, who can help you ride your attitude with two wheels and an engine.

Bobbee Singh, Old Delhi Motorcycles

A ride on a Royal Enfield (RE) and you are in love. But, try an old RE once, the one with rear brake pedal on left and a set of gear shifters to the right. The moment you decompress the engine and with a steady, strong kick thump the bike to life, you are hopelessly in love with the vibrations that travel from your wrists to guts and the deep thump that shakes your heart. This is what Bobbee Singh carves and specializes in. With customers spanning till Germany, the USA and London, Old Delhi Motorcycles also enjoys a sweet spot among the country’s blooming custom-bike market. If you want to own your set of custom wheels and have an affair with the vintage Enfields, Bobbee Singh is your man.

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