5 Unique Car Technologies That Makes Driving A Little Less Vulnerable

BENGALURU: Today, IT sector is developing at a rapid rate and has introduced the world with new technologies and features in every industry. Similarly the Automobile industry has evolved with equal pace by constantly incorporating vehicles with newer and advanced technology. With already developed technology, the future is now looking out for more on the safety perspective in the cars not only for its occupant but also for pedestrians and animals. Based on the report of Business Insider, here are the 5 most innovative car technologies that have swept the automobile industry with utter awe.

1) Land Rover’s External Airbags

You might be thinking how airbags can be useful outside the car! This external airbags feature is not for the car occupant actually this technology is to prevent the pedestrian from severe injuries. Currently, this external airbags are installed in some models of Land Rover. The front bumper of the Land Rover Discovery has a sensor tube which detects the impact if it strikes any pedestrian and then it deploys an airbag within 60 milliseconds in front of windshield from right to reduce the injuries. Some of the Volvo’s cars also leverage on the same technology.

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