5 Sizzling Female Chefs Around The World

2) Devin Alexander

Celebrity Chef Devin Alexander is New York Times Bestselling author, media personality and weight loss expert. She is a perfect example of beauty with the brain. Keeping healthy meal as the main mantra of cooking, Alexander even can tickle the taste buds of fitness-conscious food lovers with a sumptuous burger or pizza. Her unique approach of healthy cooking make her published eight books, including “The Biggest Loser Cookbook” series. This hottest Chef is the host of ‘Healthy Decadence’ on Fit TV and her perspective on being healthy have gave her scope to appear on several weight loss shows on Television, , as listed by MENSXP.  

3) Angela McKeller

The former model Angela McKeller is one among the hottest pastry chef and gastronomic marvel. Angela has published several books on cooking which are filled with mouthwatering recipes.  Her cookbooks are called Passion on a Plate: Affordable and EASY Gourmet. This curvy foodie teaches gourmet cooking as well.

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