5 Most Anticipated Car launches in June-July 2015

BENGALURU: Are you planning on buying a car this July? This is some exciting news for the buyers out there who have been fumbling around with so many choices. To make that easy, here is a list of the 5 the most anticipated car launches for the upcoming month from the reputed car manufacturers with the all the latest features and powerful engines on board as compiled by the ET.

Honda jazz 2015

# 2015 Honda Jazz

The 2015 Honda Jazz is one of the highly anticipated cars in the Indian market which has been taking the internet by storm with its pictures and details.

The car features Honda’s all new design platform on the outside with fresh new interiors giving it the luxurious look. The best part about the launch, the new 2015 Jazz will bring the 1.5 litre diesel engine on it which is a first in the Honda’s hatch back category.

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