5 Monsoon Travel Hacks For Every Traveller

Exploring unknown regions has always been a favourite for many, especially with your cool buddies, family or office colleagues who have that same degree of extreme ‘CRAVING’ for travelling. Be whatever season, wanderlusts (what they call themselves) always look for a reason to get going when money and time are on their side. (Well, not to Goa, as the trip always gets cancelled at the last moment; yeah, it’s a myth, never mind.)

From farmers to poets to the kinder-garten kids, monsoon is loved by everyone, but not for all who have to run errands. Well, it’s that time of the year when nature gets dressed up as a beautiful bride with all its shining jewels and ornaments. However, the destination can be truly amazing but the journey is pretty rough during the monsoon. So backpackers, to get most of your trip, keep in mind certain things that can be the ultimate travel hacks that will make a huge difference in your trip. So no more lashing out the famous liner ‘Houston, we have a problem’ on your trip.


It’s not fun, when you get caught in the heavy showers and ruining your clothes, which eventually kills the mood of your trip. It’s good to be prepared for all these chaos and tiny disasters which takes away the time and plans. Better to wear something light and airy clothing and most importantly wear shoes that doesn’t retain water, i.e. gum boots. Fungal Infections are very common during the monsoon, so be aware. Also, keep an umbrella with you all the time, or preferably a raincoat.